Makhoe Drey

injabulo yasentabazinduna

Brought up in a family of nun musicians, Makhoe Drey (Makhosini Dominic Nkomo) spent his early childhood in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo (Ntabazinduna) before leaving at the age of 20 to live in Australia, Canberra.


Makhoe Drey released his first album "Simphiwe" early 2020 where he collaborated with Fish F McSwagg and ASAPH.


What new?

Makhoe has been spotted in the studio making new tracks which we believe he is up to something more like an album, however Makhoe is set to drop his new single "Mhlobo wami" on the 14th of February 2020 as he says its his first project in 2020, then a few music videos to be released before he drops any new songs. 

Never Give Up ” - Makhoe Drey

— Makhoe Drey